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DISCORD LINK - to the Official Danganronpa Online server:

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What is Danganronpa Online?

Danganronpa Online (or just DRO for short) is a program which allows you to participate in Danganronpa-themed roleplays online. It is essentially a chat room client, with Danganronpa-like visual elements and a slew of features which mimic the original Danganronpa experience as closely as possible. DRO was originally created as an offshoot of the Attorney Online program (which, as the name implies, was created for Ace Attorney-themed roleplays) but has evolved into a thing of its own. Most roleplays taking place in DRO mimic the mechanics of the original games, but many other styles of roleplay are possible, including social deduction games such as Mafia.

What's Danganronpa?

Danganronpa is a series of mystery-themed "visual novel" video games created by the Japanese company Spike Chunsoft. The basic premise of each game is similar: a group of ingenious high school students, each of whom has some "Ultimate Talent", is imprisoned in a school and forced into a killing game by a sadistic robot bear named Monokuma. The only way a student can escape the school is to kill another person and avoid discovery. Once a murder is detected, the remaining students are given a time limit to investigate the crime scene. This is followed by a "class trial" where the participants discuss the discovered evidence and debate on who the killer is. The trial ends with a majority vote on the killer's identity: if the murderer is selected correctly, he is executed, but if the participants vote incorrectly, they all get executed instead and the killer is free.

How do I start playing Danganronpa Online?

Join the Discord server above and look for instructions there! If you're hopelessly lost, ask around. Don't be scared of the users, their sense of humor is a bit weird but they're good people. Mostly.


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